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Email Marketing Software with Advanced User Management Options

Advantages of User Management:

  • Lite Plan: 1 user
  • Standard Plan: 5 users
  • Pro Plan: unlimited users
  • Individual rights assessment
  • Define and assign specific roles for your users
  • Perfect for teamwork

Newsletter2Go’s Efficient User Management

Depending on the plan you choose (Lite, Standard, or Pro), you’ll have the option to grant access to Newsletter2Go to every employee of your company through separate user accounts. Creating newsletters in a team is a piece of cake and will significantly improve your email marketing efforts. Numerous team members can easily work on the newsletters at the same time.

Employees can access the specific newsletter functions that they’ve been given access to. You can give each sub-user different permissions and roles thanks to the newsletter software through the user management function. Our newsletter tool ensures that right allocation becomes easy so that every employee gets the appropriate role and permission on time. Furthermore, this function allows you to prevent unauthorized interferences in your newsletter sending process.

Examples of permissions for sub-users:

  • Account management (manage accounts, access invoices etc.)
  • Mailing permissions (create, send, delete etc.)
  • Reports permissions (access and download reports etc.)
  • Contact permissions (import and delete contacts etc.)

Our email marketing software makes user management a piece of cake. You can freely define the rights of each role and create sub-users to your liking.

If you’d like to enhance teamwork, choosing our newsletter software plan with the user management function is your best bet. You can use the special teamwork function as well as user management in our email marketing software. You can send a free test newsletter to your colleagues and supervisors, which can be directly commented upon. Everyone is free to make comments and suggestions in modules. It is clearly visible who wrote the comments are which part of the newsletter needs to be improved. You won’t miss any comment as you will receive an email notification once a new comment has been added.Once every team member is satisfied with the email campaign, the newsletter will be sent out. As you can see, Newsletter2Go and user management go hand in hand.

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