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xt:Commerce Newsletter Module

Add powerful email marketing functionality with the xt:Commerce email marketing integration:

  • 1-click product transfer
  • Live reports and conversion tracking
  • Automatic contact synchronisation (available from Standard Plan & up) 
  • A/B tests with up to 9 variants (available from Standard Plan & up) 
xt:commerce integration

Work faster with the Newsletter2Go Xt:Commerce module

Xt:Commerce newsletter module for successful marketing

Save a lot of time with the Xt:Commerce email marketing integration. Send professional emails to your customers with Newsletter2Go in no time. If you’d like to, you can synchronize your existing contacts with Newsletter2Go. Our software makes sure that contact synchronization takes place daily. Another great feature you can take advantage of it 1 click product transfer. It allows you to copy product information from your shop straight into your email campaign. If you’d like to save time copying product information and having to format the text, you will enjoy using this feature. Make your life easy & foster customer relationship with marketing automation.

Contact synchronization with Xt:Commerce newsletter module integration

Forget about manual contact import. The Newsletter2Go Xt:Commerce module synchronizes shop contact data directly with our app, which enables you to send email campaigns to your contacts. The list is updated on a daily basis with new entries, bounces and unsubscriptions.

Moreover, group and contact traits are transferred as well, which means that you can go for contact segmentation and then personalize your newsletters. Tailored newsletters guarantee higher open rates and, potentially, higher revenue.

1-click product transfer with Xt:Commerce newsletter module

You probably don’t enjoy copying and pasting and formatting is one of your least favorite tasks. If that’s a case, here’s what you can do: use a special block, which allows you to transfer desired product information directly into your email. Once you’ve inserted the block and entered the product ID, the Xt:Commerce newsletter module will automatically do will automatically do the product transfer. Create enviably professional newsletters in no time. If you feel like that 1 click product transfer feature is of great value, you need to get a premium template and enjoy spending less time on email drafting.


Note back for online retailers: You can do so much more than send newsletters with Newsletter2Go. Stay on track with our advanced reporting tools & measure your marketing accomplishments.

Important data such as open, and click-through rates is analyzed after each newsletter shipment. Conversion tracking enables you to calculate your ROI and see at a glance how much revenue have you generated so far. Make sure your campaigns are more successful with multivariate A/B tests. They allow you to test up to 9 variants, you can effectively optimize your newsletter. Test three content, from name and subject line variants per newsletter. Best performing variants will be automatically delivered to your contact list.

Please Note: The contact synchronization with your system is free. To use 1 click product transfer, you will need a one-time premium newsletter template. These can be booked by email at *protected email* or in your Newsletter2Go account. The template creation is, of course, programmed and designed exactly according to your wishes.

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