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Zapier Integration

Connect Newsletter2Go with Zapier to harness the power of cross-app integration:

  • Connect to over 1,000 other apps and software
  • Create integrations without any coding necessary
  • Automate workflows
  • Manage mailings and contacts automatically

Build Automated Workflows With Newsletter2Go + Over 1,000 Other Apps With Zapier

Connect your Newsletter2Go account to Zapier and reap the benefits of a world of apps that play nice together. Zapier acts as a powerful middleman, causing actions or outcomes in one app to trigger a reaction in another. With it, you can build robust cross-system workflows, called zaps, with zero coding knowledge.

Thanks to Zapier, your Newsletter2Go account can now connect to over 1,000 other apps. You can currently trigger the following Newsletter2Go functions in Zapier:


  • Search for a contact (by email address)
  • Search for a transactional email
  • Search for a static segment


  • Send a transactional email
  • Create a new contact
  • Subscribe a recipient via form
  • Create a new segment
  • Update an existing contact
  • Add a contact to a segment

By connecting your Newsletter2Go account with Zapier, you’ll have endless automation possibilities at your fingertips.

Better integrate your systems and save yourself hours of time. Add new contacts, sync existing contacts or search for contact data. Search your contact segments for information or create new groups.

Plus, the Zapier functions include the ability to create a new contact via double opt-in (DOI). This way, you’ll be sure your email marketing is absolutely compliant with GDPR.

With Newsletter2Go you can create and send high-quality email campaigns in no time at all. Use our professional, ready-to-go templates or design mailings yourself with our intuitive editor.

With our practical features such as the 1-click product transfer, you can easily import product details into email campaigns with a single click. This means no more cutting and pasting product descriptions, images and prices.

Finally, track the performance of your campaigns with our detailed reports. Our real-time reports show you delivery, opening and click rates at a glance.

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