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Newsletter Program

Send professional newsletter campaigns
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Advantages to Newsletter2Go’s online software:

  • It’s easy to create and send newsletter campaigns as well as evaluate results
  • Expect high delivery rates (99% email deliverability)
  • Simple recipient management
  • Better design possibilities and newsletter presentation
  • Automated email campaigns that drive better results
  • Ad-free newsletter program that is free to use
  • Drive sales with numerous newsletter plugins
  • High-speed email delivery (up to 1 million per hour)

Create and send professional newsletters

Would you like to send out professional newsletters without the hassle? Create newsletters your customers will love and that will help you increase sales at the same time. You’re on the right website. Our newsletter program will enable you to achieve these goals.

We offer a comprehensive newsletter tool for effective e-mail marketing campaigns. The best part is: our comprehensive newsletter program is free to use and offers you everything you need to create and send out email campaigns. Moreover, it comes with extensive reporting features.

With the Newletter2Go program you can create and send professional newsletters with ease. You don’t need to know any HTML knowledge for that. Work with our online newsletter program from the cloud anytime and anywhere you want. Moreover, you make use of free newsletter templates. You will be surprised how easy it is to use our intuitive drag & drop editor for newsletter design. Personalized content creation is a piece of cake if you use personalized design blocks. All you need to do is upload different images for various target groups. The use of the software is free; we only charge for emails that are actually sent. Having said that, the first 1,000 newsletters can be sent totally free of charge. If you’d like to send out more, you can count on competitive plans. More importantly, with our newsletter program automatically puts you on the right side of the law. Stay legally compliant with unsubscribe links that are added to every newsletter template. Here you can learn more about international email laws.

newsletter program

Newsletter Program with Delivery and Open Rates:

Only the emails that are actually delivered to the recipient can be read. Therefore, the email deliverability rate is a very important parameter and crucial indicator of how successful your email campaigns are. Email deliverability measures the success of getting campaigns delivered into subscribers’ inboxes.

Email deliverability depends on several things these days. Avoiding spam plays a big role, because many inboxes automatically mark legitimate emails as spam. It so happens because they have not been sent in a professional way or failed to use a reliable online newsletter program. Consequently, this reduces the probability that the email will be read. What some marketers don’t know is that senders can affect their own deliverability. If you’d like to make sure that your newsletters will land where they are supposed to,  learn more about it by reading this comprehensive blog post on how to avoid spam filters and email blacklists.

The rate of spam checking is particularly high with newsletter programs that do not use certified servers to send emails or if emails are sent over one’s own server.

That’s why it is recommendable to send emails with the Newsletter2Go’s newsletter program. Our servers and IP’s that are used to send the emails are all certified and whitelisted. Why does it matter? When a server sends an email campaign, the IP address reads as ‘sender address’ on the newsletter. If another server will accept it (for example Outlook, Gmail or Hotmail), the sender address is scanned as part of the spam filter process. If the IP address is associated with recognizable spam accounts, the email will be blocked and its status remains undelivered.

However, if the IP address has found its way to an email marketing whitelist, the newsletter is sent out to subscribers’ inboxes immediately. If an IP address doesn’t happen to be on any list, it will be scanned by spam filters. Consequently, some emails will be flagged as spam, and will not make it to inboxes. Unfortunately, this has been increasingly happening to legitimate emails – learn more about it in this comprehensive blog post on spam filters and blacklists.  Whitelisting with a reliable newsletter program ensures high delivery rates of your campaigns. Don’t risk sending your next newsletter without the assurances of whitelisting.

Newsletter2Go’s emails are not checked for spam because Newsletter2Go is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and of Return Path. What that means is that your emails are delivered straight to the recipient’s inbox with our professional newsletter program.


Since June 2014 it is obligatory to give a DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to the CSA. With Newsletter2Go you don’t need to worry about this as we will create a DKIM key for you automatically.

Recipient Management

Manage your contacts in static or dynamic groups. The latter is defined according to group criteria. If the criteria are ‘gender=female’ and ‘bought=shoes then all female shoppers who have bought shoes are saved in this group.

Additionally, you can import your contacts flexibly. Either as an Excel file or CVS file. Alternatively, you can use of our plug-ins or API to other CRM systems and shop software.

Recipient groups

Better email design and presentation possibilities

With Newsletter2Go’s program your newsletters know no limits. Design exciting email campaigns that are optimised for all devices. Your newsletter will be optimised for reading on smartphones or tablets. This feature is particularly important, because more than 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. An even greater number of users (80%) are said to delete emails that aren’t optimized for a mobile device. Broken layouts simply won’t cut it. Learn more about responsive newsletter design with our free newsletter program.

Another important aspect that you need to have in mind when choosing a professional newsletter software is consistent newsletter presentation in all web clients (, as well as in all different email programs (Outlook, Thunderbird). Newsletter2Go has been tested for correct display in 36 clients. Therefore, you can be sure that your newsletters will reach your customers. Learn more about email client testing.

Responsive newsletter design

Reporting tools

With our professional newsletter program, your campaign results are easily measurable. Email delivery rates, open rates and clicks are tracked. Further details regarding each of these sub-headings can be easily called up, for example, which links or products were clicked on inside the newsletter, how frequently and which target group was clicked on the most. Our newsletter software will also show you bounces and unsubscribe rates in real time. With click maps, you can learn which piece of content performed best, and, consequently, create a better campaign in the future. The click map is a highly most popular tracking feature that is easy to use at the same time. Another option you can go for is multivariate clustering. With this feature, cluster your reports based on detailed identifying traits. Our free newsletter program enables you to compare different age groups against one another. That will allow you to learn which contact groups opened or clicked within your newsletters most often. Another useful tool is conversion tracking, especially for e-commerce owners. It will help you analyze customer purchase decision and other actions. Define your own goals for detailed tracking. Track your links with custom domain tracking. Moreover, you could easily integrate our software with Google Analytics. Furthermore, enjoy campaign reports in PDF and Word.

Create and send newsletters

Automatic Updates

A big advantage of the Newsletter2Go’s cloud-based software is that our professional newsletter program is always up-to-date, which means that there is no need to carry out manual updates. You will always be able to use important software functions without having to bother with any updates yourself.

This incorporates alterations to our system’s sending architecture as well as adding new functions, all of which is free for you.

If you think our newsletter program fits the bill, give it a go. Register for free and without any obligation. Create your first newsletter even today and send out 1,000 emails per month, for free. Take advantage of our knowledge center that includes tips and tricks regarding successful email campaigns as well as feature updates so that you can make the most of our newsletter program.

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