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Contact Management:


Contact Management

Overview of Contact Management

A short overview of the Newsletter2Go contact management system. In this newsletter software tutorial, you’ll learn how it works, and how you can quickly set everything up and get things rolling.


Contact Management

Address Books Overview

In this video you’ll learn how Address Books work, how you can use them to improve your email marketing performance, and different customization possibilities.


Contact Management

Import via XLS-, CSV- or ODS File

Import contacts into your Newsletter2Go account using XLS, CSV or ODS data files with just a few clicks.


Contact Management

Automated Import via Integration

Automatically synchronize the contacts from your E-commerce platform, CRM, or CMS system with your Newsletter2Go email marketing system. Check out our available Plug-ins here


Contact Management

Manually Import Contacts

It’s possible to manually import contacts one at a time. You can add them immediately to a group, or set up a blacklist to ensure they won’t receive newsletters.


Contact Management

Contact Rating and Contact Profile

All of your contacts will be automatically assigned a contact rating based on how often they’ve opened, clicked, and otherwise interacted with your newsletters. The contact profile lets you see which newsletters certain contacts have received, opened, and clicked.


Contact Management

Create Group (Static Group)

Segment your contacts into groups. One Contact can belong to several different groups. Static groups do not update automatically.


Contact Management

Create Group (Auto-Update Group)

Auto-update groups are updated automatically. As soon as a contact is marked with certain traits (e.g. purchaser/non-purchaser), he or she is added automatically to the group. Once you set up the group, you won’t have to manually add contacts.


Contact Management

Insert and Manage Custom Traits

Insert and manage identifying traits for your contacts. You can add as many traits as you want, for example: purchase history, gender, birthday, etc.


Contact Management

Create a Newsletter Registration Form

Create a custom newsletter registration form with Newsletter2Go’s software. Contacts that sign up for your newsletter will be automatically imported into your system and assigned traits, and will be segmented into groups that you’ve created.

Premium Features:


Contact Management

Blacklist and Inactive Contact Management

You can set up blacklists to ensure that certain email addresses or domains never receive your newsletters (for example eBay and Amazon addresses). The newsletter software takes care of unsubscribes automatically.

Create an Email Marketing Campaign:


Create a Campaign

Overview: Standard, A/B Test or Lifecycle Campaign

Create, design and send newsletters with Newsletter2Go: simply and professionally. Learn how to create newsletters with just a few clicks.


Create a Campaign

Create a Newsletter: Steps 1 & 2

In the first steps of newsletter creation, select your contacts choose the subject, sender address, and preheader.


Create a Campaign

Choosing a Template and Explaining the Editor

Newsletter2Go offers dozens of HTML newsletter templates. Use one of ours, or easily create your own using our editor.


Create a Campaign / Design

Insert and Edit Images

Insert and edit as many images in your newsletter as you want. Include logos, photos, and product images.


Create a Campaign / Design

Insert and Edit Text

Inserting and editing text within newsletters is easy with our text editor. Simply click in a design block and start typing. It’s that easy!


Create a Campaign / Design

Insert Personalizations

Greet your contacts personally by name. To learn how, check out this video.


Create a Campaign / Design

Insert and Edit Design Blocks

It’s easy to edit the layout of your newsletter – and to create your own if you’d like. Drag and drop design blocks into the newsletter, and arrange them in a way that looks best.


Create a Campaign / Design

Insert Links

Insert links in text, images, and photos quickly and easily. You can even insert links to the web version of the newsletter, confirmation email links, and unsubscribe links.


Create a Campaign / Design

Unsubscribe, Confirmation, and Web Version Links

Insert and edit unsubscribe and links to the web version fo the newsletter. Web versions are created by Newsletter2Go automatically.


Create a Campaign / Design

Insert Products in the Newsletter

Insert products from your E-commerce platform directly into a newsletter using the 1 Click Product Transfer feature. Simply, easy, and powerful.

Personalized Email Marketing with Extras:


Create a Campaign / Design

Insert CMS Content in the Newsletter

Import content from your website or CMS system directly into your newsletters with just one click using the 1 Click Content Transfer feature. Exclusive to Newsletter2Go.

Personalized Email Marketing with Extras:

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Create a Campaign

Step 5: Sending the Newsletter

The 5th and final step. Newsletter2Go automatically scans your newsletter and lets you know if there’s anything you should fix. Watch this video to learn how to send newsletters.




Overview of the Reports

Detailed and comprehensive reports are generated for every newsletter that you send. Track delivery rates, open rates, clicks, and conversions in real time.

Account & Settings:


Account & Settings

Account Overview

Manage your account, your sending settings, your integrations, the media gallery, and email credits.


Account & Settings

Email Settings Overview

Manage your sending and tracking settings. Choose how you’d like to send your newsletters, and manage your reporting and tracking tools.


Account & Settings


Manage your E-commerce, CRM or CMS integrations and plug-ins. Organize your contact synchronization system and turn on the powerful 1 Click Product Transfer feature.

Video Coming Soon!


Account & Settings

Media Gallery

Use the media gallery to upload and store an unlimited number of images, photos, and files. It’s easy to upload and manage your data and import it with just one click into your newsletter.


Account & Settings

Purchase Email Credits and Templates

Learn how to purchase prepaid or pay as you go email credits, newsletter templates, or other premium Newsletter2Go features.

Email Marketing Automation:


E-Mail Marketing Automation

Overview of Email Automation

How does email marketing automation work with Newsletter2Go? Is it really as effective as everyone says? Yes!


E-Mail Marketing Automation

Double Opt In Newsletters

The newsletter software automatically sends confirmation emails with subscription links in them. Learn how to create a confirmation email template in just a few steps.


E-Mail Marketing Automation

Welcome Newsletters

Greet your newsletter subscribes with a welcome newsletter. Let them know how excited you are to be speaking with them, and let them know what they can look forward to with a subscription.


E-Mail Marketing Automation

Birthday and Anniversary Mailings

Send automated birthday and anniversary (i.e. 6 months after a first purchase) to your subscribers. Create and design the newsletters once, and they’ll be sent automatically to your contacts.


E-Mail Marketing Automation

Followup Mailings

Some of your contacts will be a little bit difficult to engage. Use followup newsletters to spark their interest, strengthen your connection, and ultimately create engaged users.

Video Coming Soon!


E-Mail Marketing Automation

Reactivation Mailings

What is a reactivation newsletter and how can you create one? This tutorial shows how the newsletter software can empower you to easily create and send effective reaction newsletters to bring your contacts back from the dead.

Video Coming Soon!

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